When was the first Pork Pie Charity Run held?

The first Pork Pie Charity Run was held in 2009 as a ‘one off’ event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the mini and raise a few $$ for a charity along the way.

How often is the Pork Pie Charity event held?

The event takes place every two years.

When will the 2023 event be held?

The dates for 2023 are Friday 31st March – Wednesday 5th April 2023

How many mini’s will participate in the event?

In 2023, 50 mini’s will take part in the event to comply with current COVID Level 2 restrictions.

When do registrations open and how can I register?

To be advised.

Can I prebook my spot?

Sorry no, we don’t prebook spaces, it’s first in first served!

What if spaces are full and I’ve missed out? Is there a waitlist?

Yes! We do have a waitlist, we will add anyone who misses out to the list.

What information will I need to register?

You will need to enter a name for your team, have a contact number and email address and agree to the terms and conditions.

We will ask for more specific information such as co-drivers, t-shirt sizes etc….once we have confirmed your space on the charity run

What are the costs involved in entering the Pork Pie Charity Run?

The cost to participate in 2023 will be $3175 

This will be payable in two parts,  a $1000 Registration fee due immediately after successful registration and the balance of $2175 due at a later date 

Can I pay my entry fee off in instalments?

We need the initial fee to be paid once registration has been confirmed, however for the remainder….Of course! As long as it’s fully paid by the due date we have no problem with this!

What does my payment cover?

Your payment covers:  one team entry, 7 nights accommodation (including full cooked breakfasts), a one way ferry crossing, entry into the final function and Buffet dinner, Pork Pie branded t-shirts and caps, Decals and bumper stickers, entry into Highland Park Motorsport track and Horopito Motors and buffet dinner on the Friday night in Taupo.

What kind of car can I bring?

Any type of mini! There is always a huge range of models and years! Anything from 1959 all the way up to a brand new 2023!

How many people can make up a ‘team’?

A team is made up of two (2) people (a driver, co- driver) and one car. 

Is it compulsory to fundraise?

YES! Each team is expected to raise a minimum of $1000 for our chosen charity.  You are welcome of course to raise much more!

What happens if I don’t meet my fundraising target?

We will boot you out!  Ha ha ha…… but seriously, we have great tools in place to make this achievable and it’s something you agree to do as part of our terms and conditions.

How are some ways I can fundraise?

Once you have successfully registered, our chosen charity will share some great tips on the best way to raise your $1000.

Do I have to follow the exact route?

No!  You can follow any route you wish.  There will be hotels booked each night of the run at designated overnight stops.  How you get there is entirely up to you. 

What if I have vehicle issues or my car breaks down during the event?

It is advisable to get AA+ cover. We do not have a service crew so bring spares and checkout our car prep blogs.

How will you (the organisers) communicate with participants?

We prefer to keep everyone involved up to date by email, however we do have a closed Facebook group that is great for discussion between participants!

Public can follow us on our Facebook page!  

What if I don’t like my hotel?

We do our best to choose accommodation that works for everyone.  It gets tight in the smaller towns so chalk it up to the adventure.

What is the dress code at the final function?

Black tie please. Leave your shorts and jandals in the hotel room!

Are there awards presented at the final function? What are the awards?

Yes!  We definitely celebrate.  Best dressed, Spirit of the Run and Most Creative Fundraiser are some of the of the prizes.  Watch this space for more details.

How can I follow the event?

Follow us on Facebook!! www.facebook.com/porkpiecharityrun 

Is there a transporter available to get my car home?

We have been able to arrange this in the past and will advise if return transport will be available after the 2023 run.