Lee’s Mini Prep – The shake down

If you have read my last blog you will know this is going to be a do as I say don’t do as I do post as our car is still getting work done.


It’s a really good idea to give your minis a thorough shake down prior to the run.


What do I mean by this? Use the car for your every day work commute for at least a week if you can, starting now.


This will allow any niggles to show and still leave you ample time to get any issues sorted.


Most commutes will entail a lot of start stop driving, maybe a bit of motorway work and lots of braking. Any issues with cooling, brakes, clutch, tuning etc will show up in no time under these conditions.


On previous runs we have had breakdowns mostly on the way to Kaitaia and on the first day to Taupo, so clearly these cars had not seen any proper action prior to departing.


Remember, we are travelling over Easter so all shops, garages etc are CLOSED on Good Friday & Easter Monday.


If your car packs a sad you need to able to fix it yourself on the side of the road. No fun!


A much better idea is to have a sorted ride that is thoroughly tested which will sail from North to South without a bother.

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