Lee’s Mini Prep – Windscreens

A recurring issue on the last few PP runs has been broken windscreens.

Minis were originally fitted with toughened front screens until the mid 80’s when laminated screens then became the norm.

If a suitable size object makes contact with a toughened windscreen it will shatter into thousands of pieces. Makes one hell of a mess and is not particularly safe. I forget how many screens went ping last run but do know I helped change 5 screens the run prior!

The thing that amazes me the most is that there are still so many minis with toughened screens still fitted as out on the open road doing a PP run they seem to turn into rock magnets!

Shattered toughened glass

So, whats the solution?

As mentioned, later screens are laminated. These screens have two thin layers of glass with a plastic layer sandwiched in-between. If a rock hits one of these the screen will crack but still stay in one piece so you can continue on your merry way without swallowing flies or getting sconed on the noggin by bumble bees. Or worse still, getting stuck behind a dripping stock truck from Balclutha to Dunedin. Ask me how I know?

Laminated mini screens are readily available so maybe consider fitting one if your car is not already suitably equipped. If you have windscreen cover with your car insurance it may be possible to get a screen fitted for free if the one currently fitted has chips or is scratch.

Laminated glass will break but retain it’s integrity

I will be taking my trusty windscreen tool with me once more but remember…..we are travelling over a holiday weekend so everywhere is closed, windscreen suppliers included. So, unless you can hook up with a friend of a friend that has a spare mini screen knocking about in a shed on route you will be catching flies and looking for a peg to put on your nose as you roll up behind the next stock truck!


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